Pro cycling quiz



Each player chooses a game token with three tactical tokens of the same colour, plus a pencil and a writing pad. Before the game begins, the players decide how many rounds they want to play.

One round takes approx. 30-60 minutes depending on level. In a game of more than one round, players receive three new tactical tokens each time they cross thefinish line.

The game board is placed on the playing surface along with the box of question cards. The question cards are divided into five categories dependent on race geography. The five category cards can be used separate the different question cards. The coloured ring around the race tiles on the game board indicates which colour of question to read. E.g., a red ring means a red question from the SPAIN category.


Cards for Spain, Italy, and France include two Grand Tour questions. The reader should always read the first Grand Tour question on the card no matter which Grand Tour the answering player is standing on. If the player is still on a Grand Tour tile in the following round, the second question is read.


All players place their rider on the first race of the season, Strade Bianche. The player with the biggest thighs takes the first turn.

The player whose turn it is can choose between answering a Race question about the race his rider is standing on, or a Territory question about the country the rider is in.

The player’s chosen question is then read aloud by the person sitting to the right of the player. The reader is not allowed to answer, but all other players may do so. Players give their

answer by writing it secretly on an answer pad. The time is up when the hourglass runs out after 30 seconds.

Everybody then reads their answer aloud, and the answers are scored. Correct spelling of names and places is not essential. The turn ends and passes to the next player clockwise


The player whose turn it is moves 3 steps forward upon correctly answering a Race question, and 2 steps forward upon correctly answering a Territory question.
Any other players with the correct answer move forward one step on either a Race or a Territory question. Wrong answers leave the rider in place with no penalty.


After the Final Kilometer marker, players can only move forward 1 step per turn. This applies to answering Race questions and Territory questions. Players on the Final Kilometer are not allowed to use tactical tokens.

The first player to cross the finish line wins the game. If two players cross the line at the same time, random questions are used in a photo-finish duel decided by sudden death.

All players begin the game with three Tactical tokens each. Each token can only be used once per game.



The Sticky bottle token can only be used when a player is last in the bunch, and it must be

used before the question is read aloud.

It simply gives the player 3 free moves ahead. So, whether or not the player answers their

question correctly, they move 3 steps forward when the token is used. E.g., on a correct

answer to a Race question, the Sticky bottle gives 3 + 3 steps forward. A wrong answer

gives 0 + 3 steps forward.

A player cannot overtake other riders by using the Sticky bottle token but will at most be

transported to the step immediately behind the second-to-last player.


The Elbow token can be used by any player at the start of a turn. By using the Elbow token,

the player gets to answer a question instead of the player whose turn it currently is. Other

players are not allowed to answer questions taken over using the Elbow token.

The player who has elbowed his way to the front is then read a Race question and has a

chance to move 3 steps forward on a correct answer.

However, this is a risky move since a wrong answer incurs a penalty, relegating the elbowing

player 2 steps back, while the offended player (whose turn it is) gets to move 1 step forward

– without having to answer the question.


The Wheelsucker token can be played at any point during another player’s turn, but only

before the question is read aloud.

By playing the Wheelsucker token, the player attempts to get on the wheel of the player

whose turn it is. The player using the Wheelsucker token can simply sit back and hope that

the opponent answers correctly – without having to answer themselves. If the other player’s

answer is correct, they both move forward the same number of steps.

On a wrong answer, both remain where they are.


All questions and answers have been through a fact checking process. But there can be mistakes or typos. If you find mistakes in the quiz questions, then please share it with us, so we can correct it before we produce more games.

Please mail us at

Please state the card number in the email (bottom, right corner)

The questions are updated to the production date of the game. This date can be seen on the side of the lid. Most questions has a "time frame" for the answer, but you'll also find more open questions where the answer can change over time. An example could be: "Which rider has won Paris-Roubaix most times?" In this case, its up to the players to decide if a right answer must be before the production date of the game, or if a right answer just have to be factually correct.